We Brand by Desygner enterprise customer stories.

We Brand has a number of high profile, international, enterprise customers. They range is size and industry, but one common theme is that they were all looking for a solution (SaaS) to their Digital Asset Management issues.

Some of these customers include: - Keller Williams Realty - Coldwell Banker Realty - Anne Arundel Medical Center - Sinclair Pharma - Life.Church


We Brand was a relatively unknow aspect to Desygner as a company. It is their enterprise product but as it was fairly new, it did not have the same level of awareness as the main product.

In 2019, a new Sales team was set up to proactively find prospects that would benefit from these products.

They needed case studies written with w real focus on the benefits of the solution to differentiate this product from the crowd and gain traction fast.


I interviewed key stakeholders for each of these companies and wrote two versions of their story. One we used as a White Paper which was more comprehensive and story-based and the other, shorter version was used as a case study or customer story.

Both of these Sales tools focus on the true benefits to the customers and how the product helped them acomplish their goals.

Below are just a few pages from these documents. Contact me if you’d like to see more.

Keller Williams Customer Story

Keller Williams Customer Story

Anne Arundel Medical Center Customer Story